• Automatic Removing Cans From Pucks.
  • De-pucking unit remove the cans from pucks automatically.
  • This is a rotary unit, cans with pucks enters to the rotary turret.
  • Turret contains 8 pockets, also unit consist 8 shafts which is mounted exactly below all pockets and it is also moves along with pockets.
  • A mechanical cam is provided at bottom and it is designed in such a way that shaft moves in up word direction gradually.
  • As shaft moves it slowly starts to push the cans out of pucks, after travelling certain distance cans completely comes out from the puck.
  • At this place a dead plate is provided so that cans are placed over this dead plate and cans will pass to the output conveyor.
  • Similar way pucks are transferred into the turntable. Interlocks are provided so that machine starts and stops automatically.


Technical Specifications
Machine Speed 100 to 120 CPM
Main Motor Fame Proof Motor, 1 H.P, 6 lead, 3 phase, Foot Mounted
Number of Turrets 2
Turret Diameter 600mm
Feed Height 900mm, plus minus 50mm.
Overall Dimensions 1000mm X1000mm X1500 mm height
Power Consumption 1.5 K.W.
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