• Automatic Puking Cans To Pucks
  • Pucking unit insert the containers into pucks automatically.
  • This is a rotary unit, Cans and pucks enter to the rotary turret at different position.
  • Cans are placed on to the input conveyor which transfer the cans into the turret. Pucks from output conveyor of the depucking unit enters into the pucking turret online automatically.
  • Turret contains 8 pockets, also unit consist 8 shafts which is mounted exactly below all pockets and it is also moves along with pockets.
  • A mechanical cam is provided at bottom and it is designed in such a way that shaft moves in up word direction gradually.
  • As shaft moves it slowly starts to push the pucks from dead plate onto the cans , after travelling certain distance cans completely inserted into pucks, can with pucks are transferred into the turntable.
  • Interlocks are provided so that machine starts and stops automatically.


Technical Specifications
Machine Speed100 to 120 CPM [Depending on filling quantity]
Main MotorFlame Proof Motor, 1 H.P, 6 lead, 3 phase, Foot Mounted
TurretMOC: PVC, 8 Pocket
Number of Turrets2
Turret Diameter600mm
Feed Height900mm, plus minus 50mm.
Overall Dimensions1000mm X1000mm X1750 mm height
Control PanelElectrical
Contact PartsSS / Alluminium /PVC
Non Contact PartsMS, Hard chrome , Electroplated , Powder Coated, Spray Painted
Power Consumption1.5 K.W.
Product GuidesAluminum Profile
Conveyor MotorFlame Proof Motor, 0.5 H.P, 6 lead, 3 phase, Flange type
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