Model: IPM-8X

  • No. of filling Nozzles: 8
  • Body:  Stainless Steel Filling
  • Accuracy:  ± 1%
  • Filling Speed:  30 to 48bottles/min.
    (Advisable speed for foam material is 4 strokes/min)
  • Capacity  500ml to 5,000ml
  • Power Required: 420V 50/60Hz 3Phase
  • Air required: 8CFM at 6 bar pressureAdditional Features:
    • High precision flow measurement.
    • Self-calibration service, No mechanical calibration required.
    • Self-fault diagnosis.
    • No manual adjustment of gears is required in to achieve the desired calibration since the flow meter picks up signal at each tooth as digital pulse to measure the liquid flow.
    • No manual assembly or disassembly of the flow device and can be installed in any position.
    • No leakage in flow meter and any frequent flow direction.
    • Only 2 ports are used. One for Inlet and another for Outlet where- as piston or chamber types there are 3 ports used.
    • Less wear and tear of parts as it uses only two toothed gear mounted on bearing.
    • Less number of mechanical parts which helps in less or zero maintenance of flow meter.NOZZLE UP DOWN STRUCTURE
    Nozzle up down structure is used for the movement of the Nozzles used to fill the bottles. The movement of the structure is brought about by the geared motor. It consists of lead screw which enables the easy up down movement of the structure. This structure helps nozzles to rest on it and it bears the load of whole nozzle assembly. This structure is also used for the height adjustment of the container in case of change of containers. So no changed parts are required in this oil filling machine even if the size, shape and height of the containers changes. This is the best feature of the machine which reduces the cost of the change parts required in case of container change.
    The nozzle is the important part of the machine as far as filling is concerned. The nozzle is designed in such a way that it does the filling of the required volume in two stages to get the desired accuracy of filling. The 90% – 95% of the desired volume of the liquid to be filled is filled by coarse filling and rest 10% – 5% is filled by fine filling. The nozzle is accompanied by branded pneumatic cylinders for the diving operation to take place for fine filling of the liquid. The high technology designed nozzle allows the drip / leak free filling of liquid into the containers. The design is compact and occupies less space. The nozzles are mounted on the metallic bar of the Nozzle up down structure which allows the sliding of the nozzles on the bar as per the change in the bottles size and shape
    The conveyor are made up of very special slits which is imported from Italy are magnetized for the repletion during the running of conveyor which helps the conveyor for smooth run and do not make a vibration which can create spillage. Each slit size is of 6” which can handle even more than 5L jar and run smoothly with the total weight running capacity of 250 kg. It can control the speed of the conveyor from touch screen directly.
    The Nozzles has a special arrangements for vacuumed after filling immediately or settable as per user requirement through PLC (from TOUCH SCREEN) directly. This filling machine is equipped with 300CFM capacity from suck back the oil after filling so that 100% zero dripping in nozzles. The filling machine also has the Vacuum Jar which collects the liquid with gets suck back during filling. This function can be very useful for Hydraulic oil which is very thing viscous. Eg:- Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is the fluid which are thin oil like 40W, 20W-40 and OW/40 oil are very fast filling for which this Italian Designed Nozzles are useful for high speed without dripping. Oil like SAE 40W , 75W-90 or heavy Oil use for Gear of API standard has the property for forming the Furth during the filling, for this special nozzles can be set to suck back the formed froth in the JAR during filling for easy and fast filling.
    The gating system of the machine consists of two stoppers, one incoming and other outgoing stopper. The gating system is used to avoid collapsing of the bottles during filling. The automation is done with the help of PLC. The incoming sensor counts 8 containers and operates the incoming stopper to stop the further entry of the containers into the machine and at the same time the outgoing is also operated to stop the 8 bottles respectively under the nozzle for filling. Thus gating system allows all containers to be filled at a time. As soon as the filling is over the outgoing stopper moves back and releases the filled containers for further operation. The movement of the gating system is brought about by branded pneumatic cylinder
    The flow meter is a measuring device used to measure the flow of liquid to be filled. The flow meter is of “German” technology. It measures the volume flow of liquids according to the toothed wheel principle. A pair of precisely adjusted toothed wheels in the housing constitutes the meter. A signal picks up system register meter rotation free of contact and tooth by tooth. Each tooth is output as digital pulse.
    The automatic drip tray system is connected with logic device on which the moment it gets the signal that filling is done and nozzle back to its position immediately the drip tray covers the nozzle to avoid all fall on the bottles even by mistake.
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