Technical features

  •  High temperature and sticky free L bar sealing knife, sealing action without smoking and burned. Sealed part is tidy and clean.
  • Covering Teflon on the sealing knife.
  • After sealing action, packing product go in the shrink tunnel automatically by the conveyor belt.
  • Conveyor belt is adjustable on the height by a hand-wheel.
  • Sealing time is controlled accurately by time delay.
  • Adjustable film layer with needle device, it is able to fit different size film, max 550mm.
  • Whole sealing action controlled by cylinder automatically, with fast packing speed.
  • There are double start button to make sure the machine work in the situation of no hands in the sealing area.
  • Safety protection device is set on the sealer, in case the sealing knife cut hands.
  • Emergency button can make machine stop immediately if any danger situation happens.
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