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About: Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C.

Founded in 1999 by Mr Sami Syed, Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C. is a leading manufacturer of Processing, Filling, & Packaging machinery in Dubai, UAE. In the last two decades, we have experienced substantial growth, which has culminated in the launch of several advanced industrial machines designed for use across a multitude of sectors, like food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, oil lubricants, hotel industry, etc.

We continue to grow and expand with new inventions, providing top-of-the-line industrial filling and packaging solutions in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, European countries, American Continents, and England.

Leading Manufacturer of Processing, Filling, & Packaging Machinery in UAE & GCC.

Here’s why Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C. is the best place to buy Processing, Filling, and Packaging Machinery in Dubai, UAE –

  • Industry Leadership – With our unwavering commitment to innovation and years of industry experience, we stand as the undisputed leader in providing top-quality industrial machinery in Dubai.
  • Product Excellence – Our dedication to product excellence extends to continuous improvement and quality control, making our machines widely popular among businesses seeking increased performance and reliability in their operations.
  • Service and Support – With us, you are not just buying machinery; you are investing in a long-term association. We provide an unprecedented level of customer service and support, that entail installation, training, ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and more.

Ours Machines

At Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C., we offer a comprehensive range of machines designed to suit different product types, industry requirements, production capacity, budget, and scale.

  • Perfume Filling Machines – From the simplest manual perfume filling machines to advanced automatic filling and crimping lines – we have a range of machines to meet your perfume filling needs.
  • Automatic Aerosol Filling Machines – In our extensive aerosol filling line, you can find everything from an automatic valve placing and crimping machine, automatic pucking, gassing unit, to automatic capping machine, and more.
  • Tobacco Processing Equipment – We offer the best-in-class equipment to aid tobacco production, like tobacco leaf cutting machine with dust collectors, molasses elevators, vibratory conveyor, storage tanks and hanger trolleys, and many more.
  • Tobacco Packing Machines – Our packaging machines for tobacco & molasses include an automatic L-sealer, fully automatic carton sealer with strapping machine, pneumatic L-sealer, shrink tunnel, and many more.
  • Oil Packing & Filling Machines – We have a wide range of machines that are designed to meet diverse oil filling and packing requirements with a high level of precision and efficiency.
  • Detergent Packaging Machines – Our detergent packaging machines are designed to withstand the rigours of detergent manufacturing with a strong focus on quality and durability. We offer a range of efficient packaging solutions for both powder and liquid detergents.
  • Weighing Scales – We have a variety of weighing scales available to meet the different needs of businesses, including platform scales, crane scales, jewellery/lab scales, electronic counting scales, and many more.
  • Pallet Trucks & Jacks – You can find many different types of pallet trucks and jacks with us, such as pallet trolley jumbo, pallet trolley narrow, semi electric stacker, manual hand stacker, etc.
  • Perfume Processing Machines – Our perfume processing machines are designed to efficiently mix, blend, and refine fragrance formulations, ensuring top quality and consistency.
  • Bakhoor Machines – Our high-quality bakhoor machines cater to the incense and aromatic products industry by automating the production of various bakhoor & related products.
  • Coffee Packing & Filling Machines – Our coffee packing and filling line offers the most efficient solutions for packaging beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee products.
  • Water Bottling Machines – In our wide range of water bottling equipment, you can find various machines for high-speed filling as well as sealing of water bottles. All these machines meet the highest quality & regulatory standards.
  • Capping Machines – Our high-quality capping machines offer secure sealing for many different types of containers and are well-suited for a wide range of industries.
  • Cosmetic Packaging & Filling Machines – Our cosmetic packaging & filling machines are designed to meet the wide scale needs of cosmetic manufacturers across Dubai while adhering to the highest quality standards.

FAQ's: Phoenix Dison Tec LLC

Ans: The Head Office of Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C. is located in Sharjah Industrial Area No. 13, Sharjah, UAE. You can find our exact address and contact information on the Contact Us page of our official website. 

Ans: Yes, we maintain an extensive inventory of genuine spare parts for all our industrial machines. These spare parts are readily available to ensure minimal downtime and high performance of your machine. Feel free to get in touch with our support team to find the right spare parts for your equipment. Call on +971 6 534 9919 or +971 55 544 4786!

Ans: Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C. offers a wide range of maintenance and support options to keep your equipment operating smoothly, such as – routine maintenance, technical guidance, etc. We also tailor our support in order to meet your particular needs and ensure that your machine remains efficient and reliable throughout its life-cycle. 

Ans: Requesting a quote or pricing information for the necessary machinery at Phoenix DISON TEC L.L.C. is quite easy. Simply visit our official website and fill out the Contact Form given on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Upon receiving your request, we would get back to you as promptly as possible. Alternatively, you can give us a call on +971 6 534 9919 or +971 55 544 4786. Our dedicated staff will be glad to help you obtain a customised quote according to your specific equipment needs, production capacity, etc.

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