• This unit consist two Pneumatic indexing table with two turrets both units operates simultaneously.
  • After Crimping diversion unit is placed on conveyor which leaves equal amount of cans into both indexing units.
  • After Crimping the cans pass to Gassing unit through Radius Conveyor, Gassing unit operates through complete Pneumatic system.
  • Turrets operates by Pneumatic Indexer, at required indexing stations gassings heads are placed which operates when can sense the roller vale.
  • Gassing head fill the required amount of gas into the cans through booster pump and the amount of gas filling is adjustable.
  • The amount of gas is filled to the can is equally distributed to all heads, i.e. amount of gas is divided by number of nozzles.


Technical Specifications
Output100 to 120 CPM [Depending on filling quantity]
Non Return Valveboth end External Threading 1/2 B.S.P
Non Return Ball Valveboth end External Threading 1/2 B.S.P
ChainMOC: Delrin/Acetal
TurretMOC: PVC, 8 Pocket
Feed Height900mm, plus minus 50mm.
Overall Dimensions1200mm widthX1500mm depthX2000 mm height
Control PanelPneumatic
Dimensions800mm heightX600mm widthX300mm deep, 2 Nos.
Contact PartsSS / Alluminium /PVC
Non Contact PartsMS, Hard chrome , Electroplated , Powder Coated, Spray Painted
Power Consumption0.75 K.W.
Air Consumption55 to 57 C.FM.
Air Pressure7 to 8 bar
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